Our wooden lures have distinct advantages over ones made out of plastic. Wooden core of our jerkbaits consists of layers of fibers. Each fiber has a closed air chamber. Over time, this feature will show its advantages compared to a plastic lure. Please, don’t get us wrong. We do not say that the plastic bait does not catch fish! The question is: How long will it work? Plastic lure becomes porous after some time, and starts losing the enclosed air, thereby changing its action. Similar problem occurs when you need to replace the hooks that got worn after a period of use. The slightest change in hook weight will change the overall balance of the lure and thereby its movement!

For many years we tested our wooden jerkbaits on the rocky shoreline of the Swedish coast. Even after continuously hitting the rocks, our jerkbaits remained stable and balanced, cast after cast. Wood did not lose its properties and replacement hooks did not alter the movement of the lure. Our jerkbaits will cope with heavy hooks and the impregnation will protect the movement of the bait, regardless of heavy predator bites.

We considered several factors, while designing our jerkbaits. In order to be successful, not only does the jerkbait have to show the classic “walk the dog” action, it also has to “belly flash”. Crucial feature for the overall work of the lure. By adding a balance weight at the right place, we have combined these two actions in our lure.

Based on the hydrodynamic design of our jerkbaits, you can also use this lure when trolling in the sea. We are certain that the advantages of our jerkbait design will make the rediscovered, jerkbait angling technique even more popular, producing some fine fish along the way.


We stay true to our slogan: „Quality in every step“! This begins with the selection of our raw materials and continues throughout our production, all the way to our final product testing. Each step of the proces is carefully defined and controlled by 2 independent testers. This is why we can offer you such a unique product guarantee!

As it is the case with many other lure manufacturers, we initially offered products made of light balsa wood. But because of the increased disappearance of tropical forests, we decided not to use this type of wood no more. Instead, we use wood from our European forests or tough abachi wood from plantations. After special treatment, this type of wood will show the same properties, as a tropical one.

The steel wire has to be the strongest element of the lure. That is why we prefer wire used in dental medicine, over any other. This type of wire is very strong, tough and does not oxidize in sea water.

Due to our eco-friendly production, we do not use solvents in our impregnation process or wooden lure boxes staining. We decided on natural waxes and oils, instead. In spite of that, our lures still have finish strong enough to stand up to some of the toughest fish out there.



We do not use fast tampon printing for our baits ! Each lure is hand painted by airbrush and subsequent manual painting. Consequently we have no problems when producing your own individual colour designs! Each of our lures, depending on process instructions, will be protected by 3 to 4 layers of lacquer. The lacquer we are use, is environmentally friendly and protects against UV-rays, so that your little pet of a lure will last for many years.

We have no mercy when selecting hooks for our lures. We use the highest quality hooks from VMC and Gamakatsu and produce our one split rings, using string wire of German origin. Only the best for our lures!

Besides tank-testing, conducted in or facilities, we practice randomized testing on the Danube river. All this to assure that the lures move properly even in most demanding of conditions. Should you still be unsatisfied with the action of any of our lures, despite our thorough final product testing, we are prepared to replace your bait with no fuss at all