Dok’s Frogtail

Ain’t exactly a tadpole, ain’t exactly a frog, the jury is still out deciding what this ten inch creature really is… We’ll let pike be the judge and we’re sure her majesty will find it very, very tasty. The Frogtail is a heavy lure. Its 50 g will let you cast it very far even if rigged weightless on a worm hook which makes it ideal for shallow weeded areas. But if you need it to run deep, you can rig it on a heavy jig head just as good. With its action and shape, the Frogtail is a creature interesting not only to Pike but Catfish, Cod and Amberjack too! So, next time you head out to your favorite lake or deep blue sea, be sure to give it a try…



Crazy Frog

Wounded Frog




Orange Pepper

Ripped Gold


Red Head


Blue Fish