HEPS SQUID is the latest lure from the Heps family, designed for squid trolling. The wooden body of the lure is 12 cm long and the total length of the bait is 14 cm. Thanks to its design, without additional load this bait can be trolled at the working depth of 2 – 3.5 meters. Since it is floating, when the boat is stopped, this bait does not fall to the bottom and does not mess. It is characterized by medium-small vibration and it gives the best results at the trolling speed of 2 – 3 knots. At classic squid trolling it often happens that bigger specimen of sea bass lunge for the bait – and thanks to an additional hook on the chest area, you will carry out that catch without any problem. And if someone is not a supporter of additional hooks, it can be easily disassembled. This bait can, in accordance with the wishes of our clients, be equipped with a single or double Japanese stainless steel rosette.


Firetiger - FT

Koi - K

Makrel - MA

Silver Perch - SP

Red Head - RH

Chartreuse - SFC