The Dok-Es 12 is the biggest lure in Dok-ES series and is a perfect lure for trolling of bigger sea predators like little thunny, bonito, bluefish or seabass. The  hydrodynamic form gives this lure a very special and attractive action. Whichever way you retrieve the lure in the fast river or calm sea, the small vibration perfectly imitates an injured fish!  While spinning, the shallowrunner version gets to the depth of  120 cm whereas the deepdiver gets down to 4 m, while trolling  2 meters deeper.  Both versions are floating and are offered in these colours:


Roach - RO

Perch - P

Gavun - GAV

Bluefish - BF

Makrel - MA

White Tiger - WT

Red Head - RH

Sunrise - SR

Pink Tiger - PT

Fire Tiger - FT

Clown Devil - CD

Chartreuse - SFC