Are you looking for a lure suitable for trolling for pelagic species like little thunny or bonito? Dok 12 shallow is the right choice. Regardless of your trolling speed, this lure will self-adjust easily, and the most important thing – this  lure catches them all.  After  15  years of successful using we can say with pride that we have succeeded in our original idea – to create a perfect trolling lure. In fact we have got much more from DOK-12, it has become a favourite toy of all anglers that are not afraid of using bigger lures. With this lure, river anglers, while spinning in the classical way, have caught many big specimen Zander, Pike and Catfish. The shallowrunner lure gets down to 1.5 m whereas the deepdiver, when being trolled, goes down to over 5 m. Both versions are floating and offered in the colours showed below:


Shad - S

Perch - P

Roach - RO

Browntrout - BT

Red Head - RH

White Tiger - WT

Blue Fish - BF

Makrel - MA

Chartreuse - SFC

Fire Tiger - FT

Clown Devil - CD

Hot Tiger - HT